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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door probably gets a lot of use, especially if you have multiple vehicles in your household. Even if you open and close your garage door several times a day, it’s unlikely that you spend much time thinking about it until there is an issue.

When everything is in proper working order, your garage door feels remarkably easy to lift. If you’ve ever opened or closed your garage door manually, you’ve probably discovered that you can do so with a surprising amount of ease and that the door seems lighter than you might have imagined it to be. However, a typical garage door can weigh 200-300 pounds, or sometimes even more.

How does all of this weight move so smoothly and effortlessly? Powerful springs are working behind the scenes to do the heavy lifting for you. If a spring breaks, it can be next to impossible to open your garage door on your own. With your door stuck shut, you may be left with no options to get your vehicle out of your garage. When you have kids to drop off at school or need to get to work, a broken garage door can stop you in your tracks.

Garage door spring repair is one of the most common types of repair that is needed. While these springs are built to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure, and are generally quite strong, they don’t last forever. There are a few different factors that can lead to broken garage door springs:

Normal Wear and Tear: Your garage door springs, though sturdy, have to withstand a great deal of pressure each time they are used. Over time, your springs can develop cracks which can result in failure.
Temperature Extremes: The weather in the Midwest can be tough. Hot summers and freezing cold winters can take a toll on your garage door springs, because the metal expands and contracts with the temperature fluctuations.
Lack of Maintenance: All garage door springs will fail eventually, but proper maintenance can extend their lifespan. Regularly checking the condition of your springs can help you identify any potential problems long before they happen. While it’s easy to forget about your springs until there is an issue, a quick examination can help you avoid a more costly repair down the road.
Rust: Just like any metal object, garage door springs can develop rust. Rust gradually weakens the spring, and also increases the amount of friction on the coil. These problems can eventually cause the spring to fail.

Continuing to operate a garage door with a broken spring can result in even more damage to your entire garage door system, so it’s important to take care of repairs as soon as possible. It may be tempting to replace broken garage door springs on your own, but doing so is not only challenging but also quite dangerous. These springs are under a great deal of tension, which can pose a major safety hazard if they are not handled correctly. Broken garage door springs should be replaced by a trained professional.

A broken garage door spring can be a major hassle, but having it repaired doesn’t have to be! We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to take care of your repair needs quickly. We’ll carefully examine the issue, check on the condition of the other components of your garage door, and take care of any problems right away. In many cases, we can complete your repairs the same day you call us.

Whatever your repair needs might be, we can help you find the perfect solution. Our process is quick and easy. Call Bluff Country today at (612) 226-4721 to learn more about our agricultural door installation and repair services.

Servicing the Tri-State Area with Fast & Professional Service

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