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Garage Doors: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

The experts at Bluff County Garage Doors answer some of the most frequently asked questions about garage door repair and replacement.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

If you think it might be time to replace your garage door, chances are, you’re right. If you’ve noticed strange noises, sluggishness, or visible signs of wear-and-tear, your garage door is probably on its way out. To protect your home and family, it’s important to keep your garage door up-to-date and in proper working condition. Below, the experts at Bluff County Garage Doors detail four of the most common signs that your garage door is far past its prime.

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What to Do if Your Garage Rollers Wear Out

Garage door rollers keep the garage door aligned with the tracks and allow the door to open and close with as little friction as possible. Rollers are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and design, but are primarily made out of hard plastic or steel. Bluff Country Garage Door Service can replace the old rollers with brand new rollers to keep the door opening and closing smoothly. Contact us today, to schedule a garage door inspection.

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Don’t Make These Common Mistakes With Your Garage Door

Garage door mistakes can cost you time and money. Once you make a mistake, you may find that fixing it is not easy. Therefore, you may need to call a garage door repair specialist to help you undo the problem.

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How Seriously Should You Take Garage Door Service Plans?

When your garage doors work day in and day out with no sign of trouble, you might forget that these hard-working systems need regular maintenance to continue serving you well winter and summer. You may never notice when some element of the assembly begins to weaken or loosen, but when a part breaks, you'll know right away that you should have signed up for a service plan from Bluff County Garage Door Service. Besides trapping your vehicle's inside, what else can go wrong with a garage door?

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New Safety Features Available for Your Garage Door

When it comes to garage doors, there are two features that homeowners value the most: safety and security. Today’s garage doors offer both. Whether you’re worried about the kids when they’re around the garage door, or you would like a little more peace of mind when you lay down to sleep at night, safety and security features can be added to your garage door to accomplish both purposes.

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Garage Doors: Different Styles for Different Functions

The garage door is a more important aspect of a building than most people realize. AS long as it works properly, there really isn't much need to think about it until you consider how it needs inspections and maintenance just like every other feature in your house or building. People who work in an industrial or farm setting may recognize the importance of garage doors on a deeper level than the average homeowner, but it still applies that the door is taken for granted until it is damaged or needs to be replaced.

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Different Doors for Different Uses

You already know garage doors come in all shapes and sizes according to how they fit the building you own and the use you need them to perform. A garage door at your house, for example, has to look beautiful while allowing access to an actual garage. If you rent a storage building for overflow items you own, you're familiar with a different type of garage door which is based on function without the need for cosmetic appeal. Industrial buildings may have a need to allow for semi-trailer access, and multiple farm buildings may find a need for specific garage door styles to allow for their efficient use. Ultimately, when choosing a garage door you need to determine your expectations and decide which door will best suit your needs.

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