The garage door is a more important aspect of a building than most people realize. AS long as it works properly, there really isn't much need to think about it until you consider how it needs inspections and maintenance just like every other feature in your house or building. People who work in an industrial or farm setting may recognize the importance of garage doors on a deeper level than the average homeowner, but it still applies that the door is taken for granted until it is damaged or needs to be replaced.


Garage Doors for Your Home

A two car garage, whether attached or freestanding, is common on modern homes. Garage doors, however, come in different sizes and can be constructed of different materials and this changes the way the door works. Two small, lightweight aluminum doors are different than one large wooden door with the added weight of glass windows built into it. Such differences changes the framework which holds the door, the springs and chains which raise and lower it, and especially the size and strength of the motor which controls it. When upgrading a garage door, it's important to discuss with your contractor how these features may affect your decision.


Industrial Garage Door applications

Industrial garage doors also have considerations which balance their practical daily usage with efficiency and cosmetic appeal. A warehouse door often is focused on being strong enough to withstand the rigors of industrial usage with reliable efficiency and minimal maintenance. If the door is located in such a way as to be viewable to customers and the general public, there may need to be some consideration as to how it looks while remaining efficient and useful. Again, it's important to describe your needs to a professional garage door specialist who can recommend what has worked for his other customers with similar situations.


Form and Function: Agricultural Use Garage Doors

Garage doors for agricultural and farm buildings arguably go through even more stress than industrial garage doors. You expect a delivery truck driver to be competent when backing up to an industrial door, but you can't always predict what cattle or livestock might do. Agricultural use garage doors need to be rugged and tough with design considerations which allow for fairly simple repairs and replacement as needed. If the farm conducts tours, the door may need to maintain an appearance consistent with traditional farm appeal.