Garage doors are an important part of a home as they provide a layer of protection against the outdoor weather. Whether you park in the garage, use it for storage, or use the space for hobbies such as a workshop, the area isn't an interior finished space but isn't exactly outdoors either. You don't want rain and debris blowing in anymore than necessary. A further practical application of the garage is form a bit of an airlock which protects your house proper with air that isn't temperature controlled but isn't as harsh as a cold winter night or hot summer day.


Common Maintenance and Repairs

Some maintenance and repairs are to be expected for your garage door. Just like any other exterior aspect of your home, weather over time can wear it out or cause minor damage. Garage door openers don't last forever and have an expected lifespan before replacement becomes necessary. Other times they need to be reprogrammed because a nearby signal causes them to open or close unexpectedly. Metal doors get dings in them while wood doors can get scratches or fading in the paint. A garage door with windows can get a broken pane which needs replacement.


Available Upgrade Features

Beyond maintenance and repairs, upgrades are available. A fresh coat of paint can make the door look new again, or can change the color according to your tastes. Garage door openers and the chains and pulleys which are part of the opening system can be upgraded to be quieter, or incorporate lighting according to your needs. Extra opening places can be added, such as a keypad which allows you to open the door from outside or an additional button next to the garage door or the door from the garage leading into your house according to what you think might be helpful to your daily life.


When a New Door is Necessary

A common issue with garage doors is that somebody taps it with a car accidentally. Metal doors can theoretically be hammered back into shape well enough for the door to go up and down, but it probably isn't going to work right and will never look nice again. Wood doors under the same stress are going to break. Alternatively, doors simply get old. They expand and contract according to weather and humidity over the year and can simply get out of alignment and not function well after a period of time.