Your garage door is one of the most used attachments on your home. Many people use it numerous times a day, but many garage door components, such as the springs, have a capacity of only 10,000 uses. Although 10,000 uses is a lot, you can easily wear down your garage door springs quickly if they aren’t made with quality materials. The following are a few signs you need to replace your garage door springs.

Your Garage Door Isn’t Straight When It Closes

Your garage door uses cables and springs to close smoothly. Due to the size of the door and how much use it gets, it’s easy for these small components to get out of alignment. If this happens, then you’ll likely get a crooked garage door, one side closes while the other has a gap of a few inches.

Cables can cause the problem, but in many cases, your garage door springs may need tightening. You should contact our team at Bluff Country Garage Doors to repair your door and prevent any further damage.

The Springs on Your Garage Door Are Elongated

Another problem many homeowners face when it comes to their garage door is elongated springs. A spring will lose it’s tension once it becomes elongated. As such, it may not open and close properly. In fact, you can see the extended springs if you look closely. The coils won’t align like they used to.

An elongated garage door can put you in a dangerous predicament. You will never know exactly when your springs will fail completely. As such, you should schedule a repair for your door as soon as possible for both you and your family’s safety.

Never Attempt a Spring Replacement

Even though you may consider yourself handy around the house, you should never attempt a garage door repair. Garage doors weigh a lot, and if the door closes while you are making the repair, it could put your life at risk. Instead of attempting to make a repair yourself, we encourage you to hire a professional.

At Bluff Country Garage Doors we are experienced in repairing both torsion and extension springs. Our expert garage door specialists can have your springs fixed the same day we come out to your home. If you suspect your springs are worn, then we recommend that you give us a call today so that you can start using your garage once again.