Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Functions

You already know garage doors come in all shapes and sizes according to how they fit the building you own and the use you need them to perform. A garage door at your house, for example, has to look beautiful while allowing access to an actual garage. If you rent a storage building for overflow items you own, you're familiar with a different type of garage door which is based on function without the need for cosmetic appeal. Industrial buildings may have a need to allow for semi-trailer access, and multiple farm buildings may find a need for specific garage door styles to allow for their efficient use. Ultimately, when choosing a garage door you need to determine your expectations and decide which door will best suit your needs.

Metal Doors

Metal doors tend to provide the ultimate value in that they serve their function of closing off the interior area while allowing access for a relatively inexpensive price. They last nearly forever, but part of the reason they last so long is they tend to absorb damage. Hail storms may leave some dings in the door but won't affect the overall function. If a car or truck accidentally bumps the door, it will get dented, but it will typically continue to work as intended in spite of losing cosmetic appeal. Metal garage doors work for a home if you treat the door with care, but really prove their worth on a commercial building where form follows function.

Vinyl and Fiberglass Doors

Vinyl and fiberglass doors hold their shape much better than metal doors, but will break rather than bend under stress. They can look beautiful depending on the style you choose, and they serve their function of allowing access to a garage or building space. They're lightweight and easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and a great choice for most garage door applications when cosmetic appeal is important but perhaps not the determining factor as to the door style.

Wood and Composite

Wood and composite materials are arguably the stoutest of materials for a garage door. Wood can match any overall building style and therefore be a part of the house or building rather than simply an access point. Most typical damage can be repaired without replacing the entire door, and with proper maintenance the door will provide a lifetime of use while maintaining a great appearance.