For the typical homeowner, a garage door came with the house and you never thought about it again. That is, until a problem arises and the door doesn't function properly. When the time comes to repair a garage door or install a new one, it is important to understand there are differing qualities of doors and more importantly, differing qualities of installation techniques.

Initial Installation

The initial installation is key toward having great use of your garage door over the years. It's going to need repairs, weather may damage the door, kids playing in the driveway are going to damage the door, and you or a guest is eventually going to tap it with a car. These things happen and are nothing to get upset about. Proper initial installation or replacement makes future repairs a simple process.

Repair and Replace

If the initial installation was conducted by a professional, repairs are simple because the system was designed to accommodate future needs. If the opener burns out, it can be easily replaced. If the door itself needs replacement, a new one can be installed with the existing modular system, assuming the system was properly installed in the first place, and that explains why you need a professional contractor with a garage door specialty to conduct the job.

Quality and Service to Meet Your Needs

When you do need a garage door installed, the obvious first concern is to hire somebody who knows not just how to conduct the job, but how to do it right. Once you've found two or three contractors, there's more to the final decision than picking the lowest price. You want a licensed local contractor with a reputation and community standing to be the one conducting work at your house. The way to find such a contractor is to check their references and discuss the job to assure you're dealing with somebody who takes pride in their work and wants to continue to work locally when other jobs become available.


Installing or replacing a garage door may seem to the layman to be a fairly simple, small job, and seems that way when done efficiently. If you've ever had problems with a garage door, you understand the importance of having it done by someone who does it right the first time, every time. Keep in mind when considering the importance of the garage door to your house, it's something you use several times every day, you likely open it more times than you open the fridge.