Bluff Country Garage Door Service offers a comprehensive garage door service plan for both residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis, MN. We provide this service for our clients to keep your garage door in excellent condition throughout the year.


Below, we look at the details of our service plan and how it will benefit you. To sign up for our service plan or schedule service contact us today. We are here to help.

What Our Service Plan Includes

The weather in the Midwest takes a toll on your garage doors. The dusty wind and humidity in the summer and the salt and snow that comes off our cars in the winter can cause rust and corrosion on garage door parts. Our plan is designed to address these issues and protect your door from the outside elements.

Point-by-Point Inspection & Maintenance

●         We inspect both the garage door and the opening system.

●         Replace the bolts and nuts on the garage door

●         Grease pulleys and rollers on the garage door

●         Grease the garage door drive device

●         Re-configure the electric garage door opener and secure the chain

●         Reset the switches that limit the garage door opener

●         Inspect the door opener wall panel and make sure all units have fresh batteries

How Often Should You Have Your Garage Doors Inspect?

We offer a simple service plan. We will contact you twice a year to do an inspection and service of your door, to catch any problems before they arise. We recommend that you schedule service before the winter and summer months when the outside elements can do the most damage.


We will check your entire system to determine which parts are the most vulnerable to snow, heat, moisture, sunlight, and other elements. We can also perform any necessary repair that may be keeping your door from working properly. Damaged parts are vulnerable to both daily use and weather conditions.

The Benefits of Our Garage Door Service Plan

There are several practical reasons why our Garage Door Service Plan is an investment:

Garage Door Safety

Even the most well-crafted garage doors start to wear down over time. As the parts get older, they become less dependable. Thus, your door becomes even more of a safety hazard to you and your family. A garage door service plan can eliminate the possibility of injuries or fatalities around the door.

Save Money

Garage door repair can become costly. The longer you wait to have your garage door inspected or repaired, the more expensive the work becomes. Our garage door Service Plan is designed to keep you from spending more money than you have to on routine garage door maintenance, or worse, garage door replacement.


One of the reasons you install a security system in your garage is to keep intruders from getting into the home through the garage. If your security system is old, worn out, or damaged, you have no way of monitoring the garage. A simple inspection will help us identify if your security system is working correctly.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Garage Door Today

Bluff Country Garage Door Service offers complete garage door installation, maintenance, and repair for residential and commercial properties in the Houston, MN and the tri-state area. We can help you keep your garage door looking and performing well for many years to come.


To schedule a garage door installation or repair, call us at 612-226-4721. You can also send a message to