Few things make you cringe like hearing your garage door make some strange noise. The good news is that the noise sounds worse than it really is. The bad news is that you if you don’t schedule an inspection, the problem will only get worse.


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Below are some noises that should get your attention:

The Door Needs Lubrication

Garage door systems contain several moving parts that need lubrication from time to time. Without lubrication, the metal parts will scrape against each and eventually cause damage.


Lubrication will add years to your garage door. If you neglect the door, you can expect the parts to wear out fast. A Garage Door Repair Service technician can locate the areas that need lubrication and apply where needed.

The Door is Filled With Cracks or Creases

While panel cracks may not produce much noise, creases or dents are another matter. When the door is filled with dents or creases, you will hear a banging sound, a pop, or some other noise.


The door is trying to open smoothly, but the creases will not allow it to. A door that contains disfigured panels will also add stress to the hinges, the opener, and the rails. You may need to call one of our specialists to determine if we need to replace the panel or the entire door.

The Hinges May be Damaged

The garage door hinges hold each panel together and allow the panels to separate and rejoin together as the door opens and closes.


The hinges contain the rollers that run in the horizontal and vertical tracks. If the hinges are bent, twisted, or broken, they can damage the panels or put stress on the garage door opener.

If we discover that the problem is the hinges, we will have to replace each damaged hinge.

The Rollers Are Worn Out

The rollers are the leading cause of garage door noise. The noise is usually loud and occurs on one or both sides of the garage door.


When the rollers wear out, they start scraping along the rails instead of rolling. The rollers could be made of metal with ball bearings, plastic without ball bearings, or nylon with ball bearings. The bearings could be worn down, which will lead to a broken roller.


We’ll need to replace the rollers immediately, or it could put too much stress on the door.

Cables and Roller

The cables and roller help stabilize the door as it opens and closes. Therefore, if the roller or cables go out, the entire operation will come to a complete stop. The cables may have frays or kinks, and the roller drum may be cracked or show signs of wear.


If you discover that the cables or drums are damaged, call a garage door technician to perform these repairs. Only a technician can perform high-level repairs such as replacing cables or rollers. Once we make the necessary repairs, you’ll notice a considerable improvement in your garage door’s performance.

Garage Door Repair in Houston, Minnesota

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