A squeaky garage door can be more than just an annoyance. Certain sounds in the operation of your garage door can indicate problems. Knowing whether it is just a minor sound or the onset of a major issue is important. The experts at Bluff County Garage Doors explain the different squeaks of your garage door and what those sounds mean.


Noisy Garage Door Operation

Garage doors are large, and the motors that open them can cause intense vibrations. These vibrations can result in unexplained noises. Loud squeaks and creaking noises in your garage door operation usually indicate some problem in the door parts. By maintaining your garage door, you can reduce noisy operation and get a longer life out of your garage door.


What Causes Noise in Garage Door Operation?

Garage doors have lots of moving parts. By looking at each part, you can diagnose the part making noise. You can use lube or replace faulty parts to reduce noise. Here are four main things to look at when your garage door gets noisy or squeaky:


1.      Door Needs Lubrication. Even a brand new garage door may have a few noises and squeaks. Pull the emergency cord and manually operate your door. Spray lubrication on the moving parts at least twice a year. Pay special attention to the rollers as these parts have the most wear. This will prevent wear and increase the lifespan of your garage door.

2.      Garage Door is Not Balanced. As you use your garage door, it can become unbalanced. To test out your door for balance, pull the emergency cord and manually open and close your door. The door should move smoothly and easily. If the door is catching on one side or the other, it needs repair. Garage doors are quite heavy. You should contact a professional to safely balance and repair your door.

3.      Type of Garage Door Opener. The most economical garage door opener types on the market are screw or chain drives. While the screw or chain drive may operate without much noise for a year or so, over time they will become quite noisy and squeaky. Belt drive garage door openers are the most quiet. When choosing to replace an older garage door opener, opt for a belt driven model for the least noise in operation.

4.      Hinges, Springs, and Rollers May be Faulty. As your garage door ages, the moving parts become faulty and begin to make noise. The best way to determine where the problems are in your garage door is to pull the emergency cord and manually open and close the door. Listen closely to hinges, springs, and the rollers to find the faulty part for replacement or tightening. Do not attempt to replace the springs on your own. Let a professional handle spring replacement as this is a dangerous task.

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