Today’s garage doors are available in a variety of colors and materials, allowing you to create the right look for your home. Matching the color to your exterior space is imperative to achieving the appropriate style. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right color for your garage door. Bluff County Garage Doors delivers high quality professional residential and commercial garage door installation in southeast Minnesota and the entire Tri-state region.


What Color Style is Right For You?

Before you decide which color to choose, you need to determine if your garage door should stand-out or blend in. If your garage door adds to the architectural appeal of the space, highlight it with color so it does not blend in with the house. To get your garage door to pop, consider choosing from a palette that matches your front door or shutter accent color. Having extraordinary garage doors is a special case where using multiple colors can be appropriate. However, a majority of homes will have standard garage doors that look better when they do not contrast with the surrounding home color.

Choosing Colors That Blend

Some homes lack an appealing garage door that look better blending in cohesively with the rest of the property. To achieve the optimal look, don’t choose a color that contrasts with the primary color of the home. Follow these simple guidelines when color-matching your garage door for seamless fusion with your exterior color scheme:


●        Paint the trim around your garage door to match the trim of the house. If the house trim is a different color than the rest of your house, it’s best to use the color of the garage door as to not draw attention to the trim.

●        Don’t highlight the garage door by using the accent colors of the home, unless you want it to stand out.

●        Make your home appear larger by using the same color as the home body on your garage doors.

●        Use one neutral color palate so your entire home is in the same hue family. If your home has warm tones, use a warm color on your garage door.

●        Match the hardware color, material, and texture with other metal accents to maintain the desired style. Mixing gold and silver, or boxy and curved features can detract from the curb appeal.


Ask An Expert

When utilizing a professional garage door installer, you will have somebody experienced to help you with the process of choosing the right look. An expert can assist with filtering through the variety of colors and options available. They can also aid in locating the perfect style garage door to fit your needs and budget. Understanding each aspect of a garage door is essential when choosing the one for you, so call a garage door installation service provider and make the entire process easier.


Garage Door Services in Southeast Minnesota

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