Finding trustworthy and affordable garage door installation services for residential and commercial communities can be difficult. We understand the importance of maintaining garage doors and their accessories post-installation. We offer simple service plans that include yearly scheduled maintenances. Below we outline the benefits of having a service plan with us.


Catch Problems Before They Arise

A service plan at Bluff Country Garage Service allows you to prevent issues from arising with your garage door. Weather in the Midwest will cause corrosion on garage door parts. Humidity, rain, snow, and other weather conditions will cause rust and erosion, making it difficult for the garage door you invested in to run smoothly.


With our service plan, we check weather seals and do a thorough inspection of hinges, rollers, cables, and other parts. The most common issues with garage doors include broken or damaged parts. Whether it's spring replacement, cable replacement, or another issue, our scheduled maintenances will ensure your garage door runs smoothly long-term. Ongoing maintenance and care will decrease the chance of any breakdowns in your garage door system.


Common Garage Door Issues

Common issues with garage doors include broken torsion springs, stretched extension springs, stripped gears inside motors, dead transmitter batteries, racked garage doors, and more. When your garage door is frequently used, these issues can arise. When your garage door is not operating the way it should, it is almost impossible for you to lift the door on your own. With a trapped vehicle, you lose precious time, which can be very frustrating, as you tend to not think of the possibility of this happening until it actually does.


Save Time and  Money

With scheduled maintenance, which is included in our service plan, you can save time and money in garage door repairs. Without professional maintenance on your garage door, breakdowns are more likely to occur. and having to call someone to fix your garage door every time there is an issue can become costly.


With professional maintenance from Bluff Country Garage Door Service, you will save money by eliminating constant repair costs. In addition to our scheduled general maintenances, we offer fire door testing. Fire doors are meant to be resistant to the flames from fires, preventing them from spreading. These fire doors are emergency exits as well. With our service plans, we will contact you twice yearly for scheduled maintenances to ensure your garage doors are protected and running smoothly.


Professional Garage Door Maintenance in Houston, Minnesota

At Bluff Country Garage Door Service, our goal is to help keep your garage door running smoothly year after year. We provide comprehensive garage door installation, repair, and full system replacement. If you need professional service, please contact us at 612-226-4721, or you can message us at