You’d be hard-pressed to purchase a garage door without tuning it up. Between bad weather, wear-and-tear, the possibility of vandalism and frequent parking, garage doors can take a beating. Fortunately, you needn’t beat yourself up, too. Bluff Country Garage Door offers comprehensive garage door service plans. Whether you need maintenance, a tune-up, an inspection or complete overhaul repairs, we’ve got you covered.


We believe a garage door service plan is right up your alley, and our reasoning—we feel—is solid. Check it out.


Reason One: Regular Inspections

Simply examining your garage door isn’t enough to determine whether it’s fully functional, or not. Garage doors contain numerous parts, and they’re difficult to handle by the untrained eye. A service plan guarantees regular inspections, covering the roller bracket, the center bearing, set cones, stationary cones, hinges, rollers and more.


Reason Two: Lifespan Increase

Your regular garage door inspections will greatly increase your garage door’s life expectancy. By testing the door for mold, mildew, warped metal and even scuff marks, your Bluff Country Garage Door team constantly makes sure your door it up to par—both functionally and visually. Between cable replacement, spring replacement and garage door rail maintenance, our services can keep your door up to par.


Reason Three: A Lower Energy Bill

While your garage is outside, it still contributes to your home’s insulation. Garage doors, themselves, contain high-quality insulation. Often, homeowners experience higher energy bills because their garage doors aren’t completely intact. A garage door service plan targets any material inconsistencies, assuring they’re fixed before it’s too late. Your Bluff Country Garage Door technicians are specialized in preserving home energy efficiency, giving much-needed advice to homeowners intending to lower their bills, dollar by dollar.


Reason Four: An Annual Maintenance Plan

If you don’t want the hassle of handling manual maintenance, sign up for an annual service plan! Not only will you remove the work stress—you’ll guarantee your door is fortified on a year-to-year basis. Garage doors need to be tested at least once per year, so meet this standard with a no-hassle, comprehensive service plans.




Reason Five: Property Protection

Today’s vandals are smart. They’re really smart. Fortunately, you can counter their garage-targeting actions by constantly checking the area for wear-and-tear. Bluff Country Garage Door understands the ins and outs of garage door security, and we’re prepared to make much-needed changes to secure your home’s safety. Don’t leave your car, your possessions or your family exposed.


So, what do you think? Call Bluff Country Garage Door Service today at 612-226-4721, and ask us about our comprehensive service plan. If you’re ready, have us visit for a service plan rundown.