When your garage doors work day in and day out with no sign of trouble, you might forget that these hard-working systems need regular maintenance to continue serving you well winter and summer. You may never notice when some element of the assembly begins to weaken or loosen, but when a part breaks, you'll know right away that you should have signed up for a service plan from Bluff County Garage Door Service. Besides trapping your vehicle's inside, what else can go wrong with a garage door?


Torsion Spring

Because most people would struggle hard to lift even the lightest garage door, torsion springs (heavy-duty steel coiled tightly for high-energy expansion) do the heavy lifting for you. Springs have proven themselves the most economical system for the power they deliver, which is why they've been the heart of garage door opener systems for a long time. However, they have limited life cycles. Most are rated for 10,000 open/close cycles, which works out to an average of seven years. When springs break, all that restrained energy has to go somewhere, and often it lashes into your door or the rails. If it strikes a person, it can cause fatal injuries.


Garage Door Rails

If any other part of the lifting assembly breaks, such as the cables or brackets attached to the door, the wall, or the rod that holds the spring, they can cause the door to fall unevenly and bend the rails. Once a rail suffers a distortion, the whole system will need to be dismantled, one or both of the rails replaced, and the whole system reassembled.

It's far better to have all the components checked regularly than to suffer a preventable disaster.


What's Included in a Service Plan?

Because our Midwest climate batters garage doors with wind, dust, snow, ice, salt, and humidity, even yearly inspections may not suffice to keep your doors in good working order. Once on a plan, we will call you twice a year to schedule a good time to come out. Our maintenance plans include:

●        Inspection of the hinges, rollers, and cables

●        Lubricating all parts

●        Checking weather seals

●        Fire door testing on all industrial and farm doors


Keeping a regular maintenance schedule can challenge busy homeowners and businesses since it usually seems like you just called last year for a tune-up — even when it's been several years. Yet, considering the bind you can find yourself in if your door fails to open, staying on top of maintenance is critical. That's why Bluff County Garage Door Service offers service plans to our residential, commercial and agricultural customers. We remember so you don't have to. Give us a call today at 612-226-4721 to schedule a free estimate and presentation of our service plans.