If you want to know what the most important features and benefits of garage doors are, who better to ask than those who buy them every day. Below are five of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners before beginning a garage door installation.


What is the Best Garage Door Material?

We’ll start with the most important question: What are garage doors made of and which one is the best? Doors are usually made from two different types of materials: wood and metal. Which one is best depends on what you are looking for. Wood has a natural, authentic look that is warm and inviting. Metal doors such as aluminum and steel are durable. In either case, you can purchase upscale versions of each with more options and features.


Should I Insulate My Garage Door?

Several factors play into this decision. Consider the following:


●        What do you use your garage for?

●        Is the garage attached to the house or detached?

●        Does your central air system connect to the garage?

●        Do you have a guest room or additional bedroom above the garage?


Rule of thumb: If you use your garage for more than just housing your car, then you should purchase an insulated door.


How Long Can I Expect a Garage Door to Last?

The obvious answer is that it depends on the quality of the materials that go into the door. Another factor is how well you take care of it. An insulated garage door with a metal frame that is professionally washed at least one to two times annually should last 20 years.


Windows or no Windows?

This question always comes up in discussion. Before considering cost, you should consider security. Thieves are more clever and resourceful than ever before. Therefore, you should consider what you store in your garage, your neighborhood, and the size and position of the windows.


How Will I Know if the Garage Door Will Fit?

Some preparation is necessary prior to installing the door. If you’re unsure if your garage is a good match for the door, then hire a professional contractor to take measurements and look at the frame and accommodations. Here’s what most experts look for:


●        Does your garage require a single or double door?

●        Will door require extension or torso equipment?

●        How much headroom space does the frame have?

●        How is the frame built? What is the construction?


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