When it comes to garage doors, there are two features that homeowners value the most: safety and security. Today’s garage doors offer both. Whether you’re worried about the kids when they’re around the garage door, or you would like a little more peace of mind when you lay down to sleep at night, safety and security features can be added to your garage door to accomplish both purposes.

●        Automatic Reversal System. AR systems generally come standard with most garage doors. If someone walks underneath the garage door, the door will automatically go in reverse and open back up.

●        Security Lights. If you’re tired of driving into a dark garage, then you can have security light installed to your garage door opener. Security lights instantly come on as soon as the sensors are triggered either by the door or by movement. 

●        Remote Access: Our advanced garage door system now offers remote access that can utilize via a panel anywhere in your home or a smartphone or other device. You simply need to download an app onto your phone and you can now control and program your garage door system.

●        Battery Backup. You no longer have to worry if the power goes out in your home. With battery backup, your garage door will operate no matter what the conditions are in the rest of your house. The battery backup will give you hours of use long after a power outage.

●        Added Wall Controls. You can mount a panel anywhere in your home in order to control all the features of your garage door. The wall panel can open and close the garage door, activate security features, or turn lights on and off at the touch of a button.

●        Rolling Code. A rolling code is often used in keyless entry security systems. The rolling code prevents thieves from recording coded activity for the purpose of duplicating it at an opportune time. Homeowners can program rolling codes to their exact specifications.

●        Keyless Entry Pad. Keyless entry pads are usually placed somewhere outside of the garage door. Homeowners can install multiple pads that are used for the same door so that they have convenient access anywhere. Codes can be created and changed at any time.


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